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Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift

New Westerhall - St.David (Size: 7,628 sq ft)

This gently sloped lot of land is located in New Wester hall in the parish of St. David with its main access road is from Beaton, it is also accessible from store street road, located in Wester hall. This lot also has a distant view of the ocean and from the pictures you will see that it is fastly developing residential neighborhood.
Price $9:00 EC | $3.40 USD per Sq ft

Subaru Forester
Subaru Forester

Old Westerhall - St.David (Size: 12,000 sq ft)

This Lot of land is located in the residential neighborhood of Old Westerhall, in the parish of St.David. Captivating view is the ocean and sorrowing residential neighborhood. The lot is gently slope which allows you one of the best view of the ocean from the top of the land. It is fully equipped with all utilities.
Price: $12.00 EC | $4.50 USD per Sq ft

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